Mostly Takes Less Than 2 Weeks

Siding: Vinyl, Hardie Plank, Wood, Metal and Repairs

Weather Resistant: Vinyl Siding Is Typically Rated To Withstand 110 Mph Wind Speed And Most Brands Can Withstand Even Greater Speeds. Won’t Rot Or Decay: Vinyl Does Not Absorb Water And, When Installed Properly, Water Is Unable To Penetrate The Siding. Variety Of Styles: Vinyl Siding Comes In Any Color Imaginable And Can Be Styled To Replicate Wood, Stone, Or Other Charming Designs. Low Maintenance: Vinyl Siding Requires Very Little Work To Maintain And Cleaning Is As Easy As A Spray Down With A Hose..

James Hardie
Rot Resistant: James Hardie Products Are Engineered To Withstand Damage From Moisture. Bring On The Heaviest Rain, Sleet, And Snow! Durable Over Time: James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology Resists Color Fading For Decades. Fire Protection: James Hardie Siding Will Not Ignite When Exposed To A Direct Flame. Many Insurance Companies Offer A Discount For Installing These Non-Combustible Products. Resistant To Pests: James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Will Not Be Eaten By Termites Or Infested By Other Destructive Insects. Satisfaction Guaranteed: All Of James Hardie’s Fiber Cement Sidings Come With A 30-Year Non-Prorated Warranty.

Low Maintenance: This Is Especially True In Areas That Receive Severe Winters And Harsh Summers. Won’t Rot Or Decay: Metal Does Not Absorb Water And Won’t Promote The Growth Of Mold. Unfriendly Toward Insects: Insects Can’t Damage Metal Siding No Matter How Hard They Try. Dent Resistant: Steel Siding Is Very Tough To Dent Or Mar. Fire Resistant: This Is Very Beneficial For Homes In Areas That Are Prone To Lightening Strikes Or Forest Fires.

Noise Resistant: Wood Siding Is A Great Sound Barrier And Will Keep Your Home Quieter Than Other Types Of Siding. Insulation: Wood Siding Has Superior Insulation Characteristics And Will Help Lower Heating And Cooling Costs. Variety: Wood Can Be Finished Using Different Oils, Stains, And Paints To Match The Style Of Any House. Easy Installation: Wood Siding Is Very Simple To Install And Even Easier To Repair. Eco-Friendly: Wood Siding Is Very Recyclable Unlike Most Other Types Of Siding Materials.

If You Are Experiencing Water Damage Or Leaking Through The Walls, Give Us A Call And We Will Come Out To Assess The Damage Immediately. We Will Perform The Work Promptly. (Most Siding Jobs Take Less Than 2 Weeks.)