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Maintenance Program

Early intervention
Maintenance Program Early intervention to minimize loss and possible contamination of the roofing system from roof problems is critical. Underdog Roofing can help prolong the life of your existing roof by regular inspections. We aim to keep your costs down through prevention, maintenance, and early intervention.
By keeping a regular maintenance service schedule, we are able to monitor any changes in the roof condition and prevent problems before they cause expensive damage. We inspect the whole roof assembly, then record and report the findings to you. If we find evidence of moisture we will inspect further with non-destructive methods. If needed, we can then repair and maintain the roof early to keep costs low. This also helps ensure safety and security of the building occupants.
Research shows a well-maintained roof will last 25%-100% longer than a roof that has not been properly maintained. This program is a proactive approach to protecting your property and investment. People sometimes believe that they do not need to maintain their roof if it is under warranty. This is simply not the case. Consider the vehicle you drive. Just because you have a 5-year, bumper-to bumper warranty doesn’t mean you don’t have to change the oil, replace your tires, inspect the engine or buy new wipers. A roof is the same; you still have to clean your drains, repair third-party damage, inspect flashings, etc. to ensure the integrity of the roof over time. Additionally, many manufacturer roof warranties state that regular roof maintenance is required in order for the warranty to remain in effect.
Maintenance Program Options: (see attachment for set up)

Gold Plan - once a year inspection

Platinum Plan - twice a year inspection

What it includes: Complete roof inspection report including a summary of roof condition and photos. Will include a free estimate if any repairs need to be made. Clean Roof Surface, gutters, and drain baskets from debris Inspect all flashings & penetrations Inspect all seams and re-caulk if needed Trim back branches touching the roof Skylight Cleaning 10% Discount on any repairs or replacements needed

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